How the Inspection is Conducted

I usually arrive early and with my 12.1 MP Digital camera, and a 10 mp back up, I'll start taking pictures for the collection of information and to include in the report. I will also sometimes take notes on paper or verbally into a digital recorder.

Starting at one point, usually outside, i will gather information and use testing equipment as needed. Then i work through the home, sometimes going over areas i already inspected so that i can confirm or compare findings or to see how one affects the other.

The Inspection will typically take 3-4 hours , more or less depending on how many issues and how complex the home is- obviously if there are multiple HVAC systems, or multiple foundation types it will take a bit longer. Once i am feeling satisfied with my information gathering, i will be able to talk to you breifly about major findings, but when i get back to my home office, i will start to review my collected data and research as needed.

From there, i begin to compile a custom detailed and user friendly report. When i am finished with the final draft of the inspection report (usually next day, depending) i can send the PDF file via email with an uploadable link, or as an attachement. I keep the report a minimum of 5 years. Follow up, " final walk through inspections" are available. Free consultaions are available before and after ownership.
Yearly maintenance checks are available.

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