Ten facts about RADON:

1. Radon gas is noble & heaviest gas on periodic table.

2. Radon is the largest source of exposure to radioactivity.

3. Alpha particles are emitted from the decay of radon gas;
the impact of the discharge of alpha particles is what
damages lung tissues, not the gas itself.

4. Alpha particles are very light- they have a helium nucleus.

5. Radon is not limited to the basement, the forces that draw it in to the home will continue to draw it up into living areas.

6. The SURGEON GENERAL , on Jan 13, 2005 issued a
health advisory : RADON CAUSES LUNG CANCER

7. Radon gas is a class A Carcinogen ( group 1)

8. Radon is spontaneous and unpredictable

9. Uranium decay chain leads to Radon which decays
to Polonium, lead, bismuth, and polonium again;
the half lives are relatively short- increasing
potential for exposure to radioactivity.

10. Radon mitigation (reduction) systems CAN also
help reduce mold and other volatile organic
compound gasses, and have been installed
for those purposes.

Joe tribuzio

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