Plumbing Materials and the dates of major usage:
Cast Iron 1880-1930      Lasts around 75 years typically

Brass 1900-1930   Yellow brass typically lasts for 20-40 yrs, Red brass typically lasts for 50-60 yrs.

Lead 1930-1940    Used between the street main and the house up until the mid point of the century. If not used for a long time, water should be run for several minutes before usage.
Galvanized 1940-1950    Lasts for 40-60 years typically.     *(When copper and galvanized steel piping is connected,  a special dielectric connector should be used to prevent a corrosion caused by the ' Galvanic reaction' of the two dissimilar metals.)

Copper 1950-1960    As far as we know, copper may last indefinitely. Typically 1/2 to 3/4 diameter.

Polyethylene 1970-present     Polyethylene cannot be solvent welded.

Polyvinyl CPVC 1970-present     May split if freezing occurs.

Polybutylene PB 1975-present    Polybutylene may become brittle through scaling and flaking. Was removed from UPC in 1989

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