Different Objectives

 A lot of times you're going to meet me first right before the inspection but by the time we get to a contract and scheduling the agent(s) might feel threatened by an inspector they havent "worked with". 

So what you should know about is that you have two sales people : the listing agent and the buyers agent, that should be to be working in their client's best interests. They have a fiduciary responsibility , to borrow a definition from BANK RATES website :

"Fiduciary duty is a requirement that a person in a position of trust, such as a real estate agent, broker or executor, must act in good faith and honesty on behalf of a client."

I come from Chicagoland and I've seen all types around here. I don't think I'll shock you by saying that there are some unscrupulous types in the real estate industry.
SO when you realize that at the end of the day they will be splitting a percentage off the purchase price of the home, you realize there is a lot on the line for them -  
And they feel pressure ... understandably!

BUT,  how do you think they look at you?
I'm sorry to see that some of them seemed to treat the buyer and seller as a speedbump to that big chunk of cheese they're drooling over.

While they don't have control of the inspector and you choose an independent inspector like me , boy oh boy they get really concerned - and some of them really lose their cool out of desperation or greed or something. Because they see me as a threat to that money that they already spent in their mind ; all because of the home may be in terrible condition and I'm honest to you about it... now don't get me wrong it is not my job to pass or fail a home or tell you whether you should buy it or not but I will point out problems that could be dangerous or really costly to repair or both. What makes it worrisome for the agent is that I'm not concerned about getting referrals from them. So they fear you will walk away. While that's not exactly what I want to see I do want you to see what's going on with the home and be clear in your decision. So I'm not concerned with making sure they make their deal,  I'm concerned with making sure you're happy with the deal. Im not very big on pursuing agents for referrals for just that reason, though some will contact me because they know I am a thorough.

When you wisely choose an independent inspector you're avoiding the yes-man inspector that is subservient to the agent and writes a soft report.

Unfortunately in some situations I was the bad guy before I showed up and the more I was honest and unbiased and told it like it was more I was treated like a Debbie downer. But I'm not there to promote a fantasy I'm there to expose the reality and while it might hurt now will equal relief later once you know what's going on and can really make a wise decision.

Just remember my objective is to tell you what's going on with the home as best I can in a few hours, and give my opinion in a written report , so that you have evidence and information that can help you negotiate or escape or plan maintenance and repairs going forward.
It's all really up to you and you are owed honesty and ethical treatment, just like I would expect to receive if it were me in your shoes.


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