Frequently Asked Questions about Home Inspection

"Are you licensed and certified?"
Yes, i am an Illinois licensed home inspector, (450.003128) and i am also certified by InterNACHI, Click on the link at top right to see more.

"What do you charge for an inspection?"
Well it very much depends on the home itself - but if you fill out my simple 10 question multiple choice form, i will be able to provide an accurate but fair price for your inspection. click on this: PRICE QUOTE

"Will you inspect in this town, city or county?"
Odds are i do, and have already inspected homes in your desired town- northeast Illnois is my general focus area - BUT feel free to call me at 708 453 8447 if you want to be sure. BTW- i do not charge for mileage.

"How long does a home Inspection take?"
An average home takes about 3 hours or more.
Smaller homes will sometimes take less time, larger will take more time of course. Also factor extra time if we will discuss certain areas or issues found.

"Can i be there for the inspection?"
You are encouraged but not REQUIRED to stay the entire time, however it is recomended you are present for at least the first part to sign the contract, ask questions, etc. 

"When & how will i get the report?"
From the end of the inspection it usually takes a day to organize, research and write the inspection report. The file will be in a PDF which is emailed to you, or it can be uploaded to my website where you can use the link from any computer to access the report. My reports are not cheap "on site" checklists, there is a wealth of easy to understand information- plus they typically contain hundreds of pictures and illustrations.

" Do you carry e&o insurance?"
No, i do not for several reasons:

1) If you are a COMPETENT AND CAREFUL inspector the need for it is greatly diminished. In Illinois inspectors are licensed and must follow a standard of practice which greatly reduces error.

2) It is unfairly expensive, (almost 10 x what a realtor pays) and would mean inspection prices would have to be increased. Not fair to you.

3) It mistakenly gives impression of a guarantee of a free roof for example - but the reality is, almost 95 percent of cases that go to court end in favor of the inspector. IT IS LIKE MALPRACTICE INSURANCE... Think about it, it’s like the inspector doesn’t mind being sloppy.

4) It is another insurance product sold through fear and a lack of understanding. It is suited for faceless corporate, multi inspector firms which employ many non owner inspectors to do fast inspection, with me you can be assured i care and will take the time and effort needed and do a thorough job.

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