Pick Your Real Estate Agents Wisely

 There is the misconception that the Real estate agent should be in control of the home buying transaction to the extent that they handle it all for you. Sometimes they are dual agent and also want to pick YOUR home inspector out for you... What a way to ensure they make a sale and get thier money. Pretty crooked if you ask me.

Of course this is under the guise of..."we are a full service agency..." "Oh let me handle that... you have enough to worry about...."

And “handle it" they will. Often suggesting you use an Inspector that is on a preferred vendor list (meaning they paid a bribe to the real estate agent or office)

They will often direct the Inspector privately: "don’t kill the deal" 
Translation: I am trying to get the money and run, so i want you to pretend the defects are not so bad, or to ignore them all together. "
These are the same agents who will whisper soothing lies in your ear so the inspector can’t hear. Right after the inspector finds a defect in the home that is a cause of concern, the sidle up to you and try to " keep it in perspective" by minimizing the danger, convincing you " it probably won’t happen"  Yeah they play wild and loose with YOUR HEALTH AND FAMILY SAFETY.

These types of agents are to be avoided like the plague-
They will sell you anything they can, always justifying and minimizing any problem as fine, not a big deal, easy to fix, blah blah blah.
Then it is your problem you have to live with for a long time
OR should i say, live in?
Joe Tribuzio


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