REAL ESTATE AGENTS - please, take a moment to carefully read this page for a smooth inspection experience that will benefit the client as well as the inspector. Thank you kindly

1) ACCESS:  I will require reasonable access to any and all attic openings/hatches, basement walls, crawlspace opening, HVAC equipment, the Electrical panel & Remote panels ( also called a sub panel or an auxiliary panel) , The garage, fireplaces, water service entrances or gas shut offs behind panels etc. Make sure the systems of the home are functional, including water service, gas for example pilot lights should be lit. Normal Testing will be conducted. Also remove any bad smell masking deodorizers from the home- this includes plug in scent diffusers and the like.

2) COURTESY & PRIVACY:  I require privacy with my client(s) and I would like to be able to have them really attend the inspection and have the freedom of asking questions and hearing what I have to say, without hearing opposing commentary from someone who is directly benefiting from the transaction. All i ask is for the professional courtesy from both agents so i can perform my job without interruptions, or trying to impose a time limit ( SEE NUMBER 3), reguardless of your appointments- please understand that. Hovering over me is very distracting and it will slow me down substantially. Let me do my job in peace.

3) TIME: I require a time frame of 3- 5 hours to perform the inspection & answer my client’s questions. Larger properties will take longer of course, and It may take longer if there are lots of issues and client questions. If this is a problem feel free to go and return to lock up or just go and I will lock up the property myself and call you when I am done so you can check the property if you like. Please refrain from repeated inquiries until after the inspection is over. Asking over and over if I am done yet will distract me, so please don’t do that, it will only prolong the inspection time.

4) REPORT: The client is the only person who is privy to the inspection report -unless I get specific directions from the client with a signature, allowing me to send the report to agent. I will let client know they are in no way obliged to share the report with the agent. If you do get the report, please do not try to misguide the clients as to its contents. Your opinion is your opinion, but you are not a licensed home inspector and have no right to advise my client on the condition of the home.

5) RADON: If a Radon test is going to be set, please familiarize yourself with the closed building requirements for radon measurement. Failure to follow these requirements will result in an invalidated test and the need to order another scheduled test. This is the law. Tampering with a radon measurement is against the law as well.

6) CLIENT: My job is to show the client the condition of the home and to help the client make an informed decision. If they decide to pass on the home, please do not slander my name and profession with the term “deal killer” If anything kills a deal, it is the homes condition not an Inspector. Please remain professional in spite of the outcome. Remember, an inspection is not pass/ fail, it simply shows what is really going on and clients have a right to back out if they are not comfortable.

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